Addiction costs American businesses $81 billion annually through loss of productivity, turnover, theft, sick leave, absenteeism, and quality of work.

Is Your Organization Prepared?

How are your employees coping with stress and burnout?

What does your organization do to create safe spaces to share and learn?

Where can they find help that meets their needs?

ICARE believes people live and perform best when not plagued by addictions. ICARE Workforce Solutions’ services and products help raise awareness about substance misuse and addictive behavior. Our goal is to create a safe space in the workplace that help companies move employees beyond addictive behavior and cultivate a culture of health and wellbeing for both the people and the company.

Benefits of providing ICARE’s Preventative Substance Misuse Resources in your Workplace:

  • Improved productivity.
  • Decreased workers’ compensation premiums in some states.
  • Shows commitment to employees’ well-being, performance, and future with the organization.
  • Lower absenteeism.
  • Reduces the risk of behavioral health issues.
  • And, of course, happier, better adjusted, more successful employees.

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Healthy Self Checkup
& Evaluation
Save time and money by assessing addiction risk in your organization with ICARE Workforce Solutions Healthy Self Checkup. Employees receive confidential results, instantly. Individual then receives immediate confidential access to digital resources to support their results. Companies receive anonymous aggregated results.

Management Webinars

  • How Marijuana, Opioids and Other Drugs are Impacting the 21st Century Workforce and You.
  • Addiction Explained: What it is, how it works and what you can do about it.
  • DEI Plus: Unleashing the hidden power of the Addiction Aware and Recovery-Minded workforce
  • Exploring the trends and best practices being used to help the Workforce Recover from the Impact of COVID
  • Sober Curious Workplace Cultures: Curing the Sickness of Silence about Substance Misuse and Addiction

“Sober Curious”
Learning Event

  • Understand the Stages of Change Model and its application to Addiction Recovery.
  • Identify the hidden costs and impacts that substance misuse disorders and addiction have on individuals, families, and the workforce.
  • Learn the four stages of Addictive Behavior and how personal knowledge, values, and behaviors can prevent and reduce the risk and cost of addiction in each stage.

Management Training

Managers Learn To:

  • Identify and calculate the hidden costs and impacts of substance misuse in the workplace,
  • Recognize the four stages of addictive behavior,
  • Experience the power of corporate culture to influence individual choices with respect to substance misuse and addiction.
  • Create the psychological safety needed to raise awareness and heal the sickness of silence relating to substance misuse and addiction.

Our Certified Corporate Recovery Coaches provide mentoring and support to employees who may be early in their recovery from addiction or who may be struggling with a particular obstacle in their progress against alcohol, other drugs, codependency or other addictive behaviors. Once the obstacle is identified, the coach/mentor can help with skill building and accountability, helping the employee take real steps towards their goals.

Train the Trainer 

Certified Facilitator Addiction Awareness

This 14-hour Certified Facilitator Addiction Awareness (CFAA) training prepares individuals to lead and facilitate conversations around substance misuse, addiction, and recovery in the workplace. Certified Facilitators are empowered to deliver webinars and/or workshops that create psychological safety and raise awareness in order to heal the sickness of silence that exists within the workplace relating to substance misuse and addiction.

Certified Facilitator Addiction Awareness – HR

A 20-Hour Certified Facilitator Addiction Awareness for HR Management (CFAA-HR). This presents all the training material that is in the 14 hour CFAA + 6 hours of additional HR specific training on topics such as Understanding Drug Use and Addiction, Substance Misuse & Workplace Culture, and Creating a Recovery Supportive Workplace.