Our Partners 

Global Health Metrics

The Health Data Science Company

Global Health Metrics (GHM) makes award-winning scientific products to improve lives. GHM was founded in 2015 by a team of scientists committed to delivery of innovative metrics into medical practice. GHM uses health risk assessments to help companies and benefit plans to identify risk factors that may impact an employee’s health.

Health risk assessments can provide valuable feedback to companies on how to support their employees with added programs or resources such as guidelines or seminars. Likewise, personalized reports from health risk assessments help employees and other individuals with understanding their current behaviors and how to proactively reduce risks for a longer and healthier life.

Global Health Metrics and ICARE have partnered in 2021 to create an innovative confidential online Sobriety Awareness Check Up TM designed for individuals and employee groups to enhance their awareness of their personal risks related to use of alcohol and addictive substances.

National Wellness Institute

National Wellness Institute
The Voice of the Wellness Community

National Wellness Institute (NWI) is the recognized leader in providing professional development and engagement opportunities supporting promotion of whole-person wellness. NWI serves as a global professional network providing education and training promoting life-long learning, providing unparalleled resources to wellness and wellness promotion professionals through accredited undergraduate health promotion and wellness programs, certifying professional wellness practitioners and through holding annual conferences for well-minded individuals.

Dr. Jean LaCour and Cheryl Brown Merriwether had the honor of presenting a breakout session at the 2019 NWI Conference on “Using Wellness, Prevention, and Recovery Strategies to Combat Stigma and Addiction in the Workplace.”

ICARE’s Strategic Sobriety Workforce Solutions provides the National Wellness Institute with subject matter expertise in Addiction Prevention, Recovery and workplace trends through workshops, seminars, and consultation.

She Recovers

She Recovers Foundation
Connect. Support. Empower

She Recovers is a global grassroots movement of over 300,00 women from diverse backgrounds. This lifeline organization consists of women in or seeking recovery from substance use disorder, and or other behavioral issues, and life challenges. They connect women through virtual platforms, community networks, and providing resources and support women need to develop their own holistic recovery patchwork.

She Recovers believes in a world where all women in or seeking recovery are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities. They accomplish this by inspiring hope, reducing stigma, and empowering women to increase their recovery capital, heal themselves, and help other women to do the same.

She Recovers offers an extensive directory of Professional Recovery Coaches and others who hold the She Recovers Coach Designation/ SRCD.

ICARE/ IAPRC and She Recovers have partnered since 2014 to train and certify scores of outstanding Professional Coaches/ CPC and Professional Recovery Coaches/ CPRC.


Care. Coach. Connect.
Empowering People to Make Better Choices While Decreasing Costs

Preventia is an app-based telehealth network that combines lifestyle and behavioral health coaching with fresh food delivery. We empower engagement in healthier living on your patient/employee’s time and terms and provide the appropriate incentives to ensure employees/members/patients thrive.

The simplicity of Preventia technology drives high engagement. The healthy-living platform can be implemented in as few as 30-60 days. Preventia’s healthy living specialists use a telehealth platform, services are available on the participant’s tablet or smart device – wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them to connect.

Preventia’s exciting partnership with ICARE’s Strategic Sobriety Workforce Solutions offers employers, employees, members access to specialty coaching referrals, services, and resources through Preventia’s healthy living specialist platform.

Shelly-Anne McKay

Media Producer and International Certified Professional Coach

With over three decades in business consulting, communications, sales, marketing, media production and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches experience. Shelly-Anne is often referred to as the “Change Catalyst” for her ability to bring out the best in people and restore performance in dysfunctional teams.

Shelly-Anne continues to support the growth of the coaching industry by working in collaboration with the most prestigious coach training organizations. This includes Kresser Institute’s ADAPT Health Coach Program, NET Institute’s International Association for Professional Recovery Coaches, and Strategic Sobriety Workplace Solutions. Shelley-Anne is a trusted advisor, supporter, and contributor to ICARE’s programs as a facilitator of coach education and workshops. She serves as a mentor coach to hundreds of coaches each year.

Jesse Harless, MA

Founder and CEO – Entrepreneurs in Recovery, Author, Trainer, Resilience Coach

Jesse is a leader in the addiction recovery and mental health space. He is an Xchange trained facilitator where he is a faculty member, guide, and runs highly experiential online and in person training events. Jesse is also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC).

He developed FEARS recovery toolkit – Focus, Elevate, Appreciate, Resilience, Self-Care.
Jessie facilitates workshops, training events for individuals, recovery community organizations, companies, learning environments, addiction treatment, mental health centers. He is the author of an exceptional recovery resource “If Not You, Then Who?” which includes his personal story and reasons why others should share their recovery stories.

Jesse partners with ICARE in developing unique Facilitator empowerment programs focused on addiction awareness and adult prevention.

R1 Learning


R1 Learning was established by Tom Karl, to deliver greater engagement with the leading treatment strategies for substance use disorder, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. R1 Learning systems offer all the training resources, vital on-going support with a framework for implementing evidence-based and best treatment strategies in a system that is comprehensive, modular, structured, and scalable for individuals and practitioners.

Tom’s vision was to use various modalities – visuals, tactile discovery card decks, video, interactive processes for individuals or groups – to help people to internalize the power of recovery principles and practices that lead to sustained healthy recovery.

R1 Learning and ICARE/NET Institute are developing engaging, confidential online Sobriety focused modules for use by individuals, employers and benefits companies.

Dr e

Eurydice Stanley, PhD., U.S. Army Lt. Col. (Retired)

International Motivational Speaker, Author
Amused Media and Productions, CEO
Lamps Press, Founder

Dr. Stanley has conducted training around the globe as an international human relations instructor/facilitator, presenting at Department of Defense for more than 20 years as a Senior HR Manager in the Army, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She presented diversity, inclusion, and human relations training for senior military leaders Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI). Her greatest honor as an instructor was to provide cross-cultural communications training for South African Troops after Transformation.

Dr. Stanley is an engaging facilitator who began sharing her expertise in 1998 with ICARE /NET Institute live counseling classes using deep-dive processes on cross-cultural understanding, racism, white privilege, and ethics. She continues to be an honored colleague and consultant.

Freedom Drugs and HIV Program Cairo Egypt

Dr. Ehab El Kharrat PhD, University of Kent UK, MB Bch, MSc Cairo University Psychiatry Cairo Egypt
Founder and Executive Director

Freedom Programs provide critical and effective advocacy roles in the prevention of substance misuse and HIV risk behavior: advocating to abolish stigma, helping in legal reform process, and defending the rights of addicts, vulnerable youth, children, and women.

In 1997, Dr. Jean’s first visit provided eye-opening addiction teaching and mentoring. In 2000, Dr. Jean and NET Institute partnered with Freedom Program to provide a Professional Certificate in Addictive Behavior. The professional excellence provided through NET Institute helped enable a synergy of Clinical, Christian, and 12-Step Programs in the Arab context that literally catalyzed the growth of Freedom.

Together ICARE /NET Institute and Freedom Programs have trained over 17,000 students from 44 nations, transforming the addiction scene across the Middle East and worldwide.

Ditched the Drink

Heather Lowe, BSW, CPC, CPRC, PHR

Ditched the Drink was founded by Heather Lowe when she realized that her drinking had reached the point of seriously impacting her life in a negative way. She got sober with a friend and both discovered that life is amazing when Sober. Heather quit her corporate sales position, established Ditched the Drink for people who are brave enough to question their drinking habits.
Ditched the Drink offers Jumpstart! online classes, Becoming! 1×1 coaching plus Resources for professionals, corporate wellness, and HR for happier, healthier employees and workplaces.

Heather Lowe is a graduate of ICARE/IAPRC Professional Coaching Programs (CPC, CPRC), and serves in an advisory role to ICARE on all things Sober.

Brian Krolczyk, PhD, CEC, NBC-HWC

University of Wisconsin University – Stephens Point
School of Health Sciences and Wellness
College of Professional Studies

Dr. Brian Krolczyk is Director of UWSP- National Wellness Institute & Wellness Coaching Certificate Program for Health and Wellness Coaches. His extensive professional background ranges from psychology to technology to C suite leadership. Dr. Brian effectively promotes integration of psychology, healthcare, and digital communications strategies to help health and wellness coaches utilize virtual tools to create powerful connections.

Cheryl Brown Merriwether has been a consulting resource on Addiction Prevention and Recovery to the Health and Wellness Coaches in the Stephens Point program.

ICARE/ IAPRC now partners with Dr. Brian as a consultant and subject matter expert on ways to seamlessly integrate the best practices of Health and Wellness with Professional Recovery Coaching and personal development.

Pegotty Cooper, MBA

President and Co-Founder – CDC Certified Divorce Coaching

Pegotty Cooper co-founded CDC Certified Divorce Coaching to train and certify individuals to become personal divorce coaches. CDC helps millions of individuals and families worldwide change the experience of divorce, coaching individuals to take the high road, maintain their dignity, and have peace of mind through the process.

Pegotty and Dr. Jean share a dedication to the power of unique Coaching Specialties (Divorce and Addiction Recovery) to counter the stigma, myths, and chaos associated with these destructive life experiences that strike at the heart of families. They co-authored an article on Specialty Coaching: An Idea Whose Time Has Come published in Choice: The Magazine of Professional Coaching, Volume 15:2

ICARE/IAPRC is grateful to CDC Divorce Coaching for sharing their expertise in developing unique coaching competencies.

Recovery Today Magazine

Addiction, Recovery and Sobriety

Greg Hannley, Editor in Chief/ Executive Producer
Founder and CEO
Sherry Gaba, LCSW – Editor

Recovery Today Magazine is the #1 Addiction, Sobriety and Recovery magazine. The monthly online free magazine brings subscribers the best authors, articles, exclusive interviews, books, music, influencers, and professionals who can help you, someone you love, move forward in their own battle against this deadly disease.

Sherry Gaba is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach through the ICARE/IAPRC. She inspires thousands as a psychotherapist, coach, and author. She invited Dr Jean to become a multiple issue contributor to Recovery Today and to share her message of hope as a tireless advocate and global influencer who brings together the proven protocols of Professional Coaching and the best practices in alcohol, drug, and addiction recovery.