ICare 101 Workshop

November 29, 2022 3:00pm – 4:30pm EST

Jesse has shared facilitation skills and tips on how to create safety, increase vulnerability and wholeness, build community and prioritize a trauma-informed approach to facilitation.

You have gained practices for self-regulation and strategies to help you create psychological safety and authentic connections.

Here is your bonus for attending the entire workshop.

Use the Promo Code WORKSHOP15 to receive your 15% discount on these three awesome Programs. The promo code expires on 12/13/22.

CPRC Program

PROFESSIONAL RECOVERY COACH credential for people who desire a Specialty in Addiction Recovery through an in-depth training on the Neuroscience behind Joyful Recovery, Professional Recovery Coach Competencies and Family Issues in Recovery. Designed for counselors, therapists and existing coaches plus recovery advocates or family members seeking recovery insights and tools.

CPRC Dual Program

PROFESSIONAL RECOVERY COACH credential PLUS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL COACH  credential for people who desire two credentials through training on Professional Recovery Coach Competencies and the Neuroscience behind Joyful Recovery PLUS career training in a proven system of Life Coaching. Includes Launching your Coaching business. Excellent for people with no coaching background.

CFAA Program

Certified Facilitator Addiction Awareness training prepares you to lead and facilitate conversations around substance misuse, addiction, and recovery in the workplace. Certified Facilitators are empowered to deliver webinars and/or workshops that create psychological safety and raise awareness in order to heal the sickness of silence that exists within the workplace relating to substance misuse and addiction.